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Added Protection for Your Investment

VesselVanguard is proud to offer the Advantage Warranty, an unprecedented extended warranty program designed to help eliminate unexpected repair costs and enhance the boating experience. Available exclusively to VesselVanguard members, the Advantage Warranty provides comprehensive protection for your sail or powercraft, new and used, up to nine years of age—at an estimated cost savings of 20-40 percent compared to similar warranty products currently on the market.

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The Advantage Warranty is a replacement parts and service policy that applies to engines, generators and all other systems and equipment whose maintenance is managed in your VesselVanguard Boat Profile. That same Boat Profile gives our underwriters greater, more detailed information and certitude than they would normally have when estimating your coverage risk. As a result, they can more accurately underwrite your policy—and provide total coverage at a lower cost.


This is why only active subscribers are eligible for the reduced-cost policy. Every boat is different, but policy comparisons indicate savings of 20, 30 and up to 40 percent or more. Importantly, the Advantage Warranty is 100% transferable—a valuable "advantage" when it comes to selling your boat.

Give Your Boat the VesselVanguard Advantage

VesselVanguard has teamed up with the SeaSafe Group, one of the most trusted and dependable marine warranty and service contract companies, to offer top-of-the-line warranty and service coverage for our members.

Extend Your New Boat Warranty

The VesselVanguard Advantage program extends the manufacturer's warranty on your new boat—for up to 7 years. You pay only for the additional coverage years; for instance, if your boat comes with a 2-year warranty on the vessel and equipment, the Advantage program provides an additional 5 years of coverage. Likewise, the Advantage program would provide four years of extended coverage on boats sold with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Safeguard Your Used Boat

As a VesselVanguard member, the Advantage program provides service-contract protection for your used boat and all the equipment managed within your VesselVanguard Boat Profile. Coverage is available up to a term of 3 years, up to the boat’s 10th year of age. For instance, if your boat is 7 years old, you may be eligible for the full three years of coverage. Even if your boat is 8 or 9 years old, you may still be able to purchase coverage for one or two years, respectively.

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Simple, Straightforward and Secure

The VesselVanguard Advantage Warranty was developed in collaboration with SeaSafe Group, an industry-leading marine warranty and service contract company specializing in comprehensive and component coverage for marine manufacturers.


The SeaSafe Group works with premier service contract and warranty providers (also known as administrators). When a failure occurs, their administrator pays the repair facility directly, minus a small deductible. All Advantage Warranty claims are administered by Interstate National Dealer Services, operating for over 25 years and ranked in the top "200 Best Small Companies in America" by Forbes Magazine. Interstate provides computerized, state-of-the-art claims handling with over 50 advisors on staff.

Behind the Advantage

As the premier warranty and service contract provider in the marine industry, the SeaSafe Group has designed customized products to meet the needs of some of the top marine manufacturers, dealers, and boat owners in the world. SeaSafe and their affiliated companies believe their client list speaks volumes for both their resources and their professionalism. Their ability to market in all 50 states reflects their administrator's financial stability and claims history.


Unlike most traditional insurance providers, which have little or no experience in the boating industry, the SeaSafe management team has over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of the marine industry, including marine product liability and warranty liability law.


"Do I Need A Warranty?"

Although boating is fun for you, it takes place in an environment that is hard on your boat. High RPMs, long hours of continuous operation, and everything that Mother Nature can dish out—rough water, salty seas, hot sun, cold environments and more—can all take their toll on your boat, engines, and components.


Your boat is one of your biggest investments. The Advantage program, in conjunction with your VesselVanguard membership, will help ensure it stays in the best mechanical condition. With the complexity of today's products, one repair can often cost more than the total price of your service contract. Hourly labor rates average $100.00 nationwide and some topping $120.00 per hour. The Advantage program will provide you with peace of mind, knowing you only pay one price no matter how many repairs your boat needs up to the limit of liability.


Give your sail or powerboat the VesselVanguard Advantage today

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On May 1, 2014, VesselVanguard received the 2014 Top Product Award from Boating Industry Magazine for its new Advantage Warranty program, selected by the editorial staff in recognition of its significant value to consumers as well as to manufacturers and dealers in today’s boating industry.


VesselVanguard Earns
Boating Industry's
2014 "Top Product" Award

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