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"Not only does VesselVanguard provide an accurate, detailed service history of your boat, it supplies instant views of required maintenance tasks, and a master equipment list. Periodic email and text maintenance alerts let approved subcontractors as well as owners know what’s next on the upkeep list. The program’s filing system also organizes registrations, insurance, and other boat-related documentation. You can access the system via phone, tablet device, or computer, so there’s no excuse now for forgetting to service the winches."

– Elaine Lembo,

 Cruising World

One Owner's Experience

"I saw a system that was sending heads-up messages to my iPhone, to my iPad, to my computer at my desk saying ‘Hey next time you’re on your boat you have to check these things off,’” says Mike Shupp, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel and owner of a Sea Ray 330 Sundancer. “And when I went to the boat, I could bring my iPad down with me. If I didn’t understand how to do that check, I could hit the link and it would take me right to the manual page that gave me the instructions on how to do that maintenance check.”

As reported in Power & Mortoryacht, November 2012

"Bridges the gap between manufacturers and boaters to simplify maintenance and increase enjoyment."

– Sail

From our Partners

"Once we learned about the tremendous service VesselVanguard provides, without hesitation we knew it was a fit for our discerning customers. It’s a modern online service that simplifies the ownership experience by organizing our vessels' system maintenance requirements in a simple, convenient and stress-free manner. It helps us manage and provide industry-leading support to keep our vessels in top working condition. And most important, it will enhance the experience of our valued customers and ensure they can more simply enjoy and take advantage of all their Palm Beach has to offer."

– Mark Richards, Founder, Palm Beach Motor Yachts

"Beneteau in America is one of the first brands to partner with VesselVanguard because we believe this is a service that will bring peace of mind to the customer. It’s an information system that will tell you at any given time what the maintenance is that you need on your boat soon. When there is a need, like changing the filter or the oil, you will get a message generated by Beneteau, and so will the dealer. The dealer will be in the perfect position to offer the customer to go and perform the service. We believe it’s by investing in those services that we will satisfy our dealers and our customers and gain market share."

– Laurent Fabré, President, Beneteau USA

"VesselVanguard’s thorough and easy-to-use system will seamlessly organize systems for simple and convenient management. Kadey-Krogen owners have historically realized some of the highest resale values in the industry and VesselVanguard will help them to ensure their vessel stays in top condition."

"VesselVanguard offers seamless organization to manage complex systems and keep them in top working condition. The service not only enhances servicing convenience and adds peace of mind for our yacht owners, it also provides Hargrave a key tool for its industry-leading support and delivery of unparalleled value."

Larry Polster, Vice President, Kadey-Krogen

– Mike DiCondina, President, Hargrave Custom Yachts

"As a leading global yacht insurer, we find the product offered by VesselVanguard is not only unique to the industry but vital. Owners that utilize the VesselVanguard service present a level of seaworthiness and vessel care evident of the most prudent insureds. This makes VesselVanguard members easy to cover. That is why Falvey Yachts offers a substantial discount to any VesselVanguard member."

"This is a game-changer for the industry, and it’s the VesselVanguard service that enables us to offer our warranty program to owners at such a great price. They provide a complete and detailed profile of each boat and all its equipment to subscribers, which in turn gives us the information and certitude we need to accurately underwrite their policy and provide total coverage at a lower cost."

– Shawn F. Kucharski, President, Falvey Yacht Insurance

Jamie Gaskins, CEO, The SeaSafe Group

"An owner who is kept informed of what needs attention on a boat will take care of it better. VesselVanguard works within the framework of how boat owners—and all busy, accomplished people in today's world—receive and process information effectively: through their personal electronic devices, specifically through e-mail task alerts. VesselVanguard doesn't maintain a boat—after all, only the owner can really do that. But this cloud-based system gets to the heart of the matter and helps to maintain the owner."

– Jason Wood, Editor-In-Chief, Power & Motoryacht

More From the Media

"The best thing about this service, IMO, is that they have done all the work for you in terms of collecting all the manuals and service recommendations for your boat — they have a huge database of painstakingly collected OEM references. You don’t have to worry about tracking down this manual or that spec sheet; it’s done already in all likelihood. If your boat has some customized gear that was added after it was purchased from the manufacturer, you just tell VesselVanguard about it; they’ll probably already have the manuals and recommendations for it anyway."

– Tom Tripp, Oceanlines.biz

"If you’re like me, you’re an organized (some say anal) boat owner with a binder dedicated to the latest maintenance records and a locker bursting with manuals for all ship’s systems. Also like me, you may forget to log an oil change or may not remember whether you took that Yanmar manual home last time or where it went. For all who want hyper-organization but could use a hand getting it done, check out VesselVanguard, a digital boat profile and maintenance history repository that will simplify your boat ownership and let you dump all that excess paper."

– Zuzana Prochazka, Boats.com and Boating Writers International

"As boats grow more complex, managing the maintenance of systems can easily get out of hand…This web-based service keeps boat owners updated on equipment-maintenance schedules through e-mails and personalized web sites dedicated to the boat upkeep. VesselVanguard puts all of the manuals for onboard equipment at an owner’s fingertips online in a downloadable format, but it does more than that. It takes the service and maintenance requirements set forth in those manuals and translates them into a digital calendar, complete with updates. Simply put, it’s a task manager for the upkeep of a boat from stem to stern."

– Power & Motoryacht

As Reported in Soundings Trade Only:


"It’s a good example of using one application of technology to help keep another better organized and running more smoothly."


"Insurers favor VesselVanguard customers because they are seen as being more active in maintaining their boat, keeping up with warranty requirements and recommended maintenance."


"Boatbuilders are attracted to the system as an added selling point and an add-on that will encourage better long-term performance of their product."

"It is a cost-effective way to track a boat’s service needs."

– Yachts International

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