Professional Yacht Captain

830 Feretti – Crystal Parrot

As a professional yacht captain for eighteen years and a marine technician for thirty, I am constantly in search of information about the status of my vessel, while underway or at the dock. And like all in my profession guesses don’t count. My clients expect me to have answers when a question arises.

Modern yachts have very complex infrastructure. With VesselVanguard nothing is overlooked and it’s ease of use makes assigning tasks simple and well documented.  With little effort I keep the maintenance plan current and surprises to a minimum.

My current responsibility is an 830 Ferretti.  When I took over “Crystal Parrot”, one of my first recommendations to the owner was that we get the boat set-up with VesselVanguard. There were five different service logs, some in official log books, others in note books and some on loose pieces of paper. Having had VesselVanguard on two previous vessels I was already familiar with the value of a concise, easy-to-use and shareable service records. When the owner wants to be on the water for extended periods of time, well before embarking I can take a quick look at the automated scheduler and see just which maintenance intervals will come due when we are underway. That way I have the option of taking action before departure or postponing until our return.

On any yacht there are many opportunities to get something wrong.  I value the clarity that the VesselVanguard profile delivers anytime I need answers.  This is one of the best recommendations I can make to any captain or engineer serious about the maintenance of their boat.

Captain Vaughn Peters