CEO, Xquisite Yachts

The entire concept behind Xquisite Yachts can be summed up in a few thoughts: build the best catamaran on the market and provide ongoing customer support for the life of the boat. It would be very difficult if not impossible for us to deliver the desired level of services without VesselVanguard as our partner.

From the vantage point of the fleet management dashboard that VesselVanguard provides to us, we can monitor each boat’s maintenance status and provide timely support to our customers before the need arises. We have a discerning clientele and I am very proud of the boats that we build. With VesselVanguard’s use-based automation we can also stay focused on customer experience management which is how we create customers for life.

Xquisite Yachts, Winner of the Cruising World, 2017 Most Innovative Sailboat award.

Tamas Hamor