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Your time on the water is precious. Don’t lose a minute of it to breakdowns, preventable repairs and unexpected maintenance—or lose sleep to added work and worry over your boat’s service needs. VesselVanguard makes it easy to understand and manage all the many maintenance requirements, helping you cut operating costs, preserve value, gain greater peace of mind and increase your time on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got the answers to help you. Read some of the most popular question below, or visit our Support section for more detailed FAQs about setting up and using VesselVanguard, plus other useful resources to help you get the most out of your subscription.

  • Q: How does VesselVanguard simplify my boat ownership?

    A: Based on your boat model and installed equipment VesselVanguard turns all operating manuals, maintenance schedules and schematics into an organized, easy to use, searchable, at-a-glance application. Every maintenance schedule is programmed into the Notification Engine to produce a perpetual calendar of maintenance activities and inspections as recommended by the manufacturers. A highly dynamic master maintenance calendar results with functionality that automatically triggers the issuance of emailed Task Alerts based on days or hours of use.

  • Q: Who does the set-up and how is that done?

    A: Our team sets up your "My VesselVanguard" customized boat profile. We obtain all manuals including maintenance details from the boat-maker and equipment manufacturers. On a routine basis we also receive updates and service bulletins issued by the manufacturers and constantly update your Boat Profile so that it's kept current. Product recalls receive special attention and are immediately communicated to you and your designated contractor or dealer.

  • Q: How and when am I notified of needed maintenance? Can my marina or contractor be notified as well?

    A: Based on preferences you elect 30 to 60 days in advance, you will receive a "Task Alert" email detailing which systems are scheduled for work or inspection. Unless the Task is assigned or deferred, you will receive a reminder 7 days before it is due. Based on information you provide at set-up, your marina, contractor, or boat-yard can be notified at the same time but your contractor only has access to information that you designate.

  • Q: Does VesselVanguard require any software installation?

    A: No. VesselVanguard is a web-based, technology-enabled service that is accessible through your web browser. Access to your "My VesselVanguard" file is password protected and "cloud-based" so you can access VesselVanguard from computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Q: Can I download "My VesselVanguard" documents including the Master Calendar and Master Equipment List?

    A: Yes. All reports and histories, including calendars, can be downloaded to your computer for off-line access.

  • Q: If I am delegating this work, what do I have to do as the owner?

    A: As an Owner, all you have to do is read the Task Alert emails as they are generated and click the "Assign" button when you are ready to assign it to your contractor. You are in total control of what gets done or what is deferred. Either way you now know the maintenance status of every system on your boat by viewing your "My VesselVanguard" dashboard summary. VesselVanguard is Always On Watch.

  • Q: What happens when the tasks are completed?

    A: You or your contractor return to the Task Order, click  "Update," record the date of completion, and upload the completed work order(s). These now become part of the maintenance history kept in the Digital Ship's Log. VesselVanguard automatically recalibrates to the next maintenance interval based on manufacturers' suggestions.

  • Q: Can I incorporate previous paperwork and records so they are included in the Digital Ship's Log?

    A: Yes. Any documents pre-dating your VesselVanguard membership can be uploaded in PDF format. Using the VesselVanguard document management system you can file documents by category, date, vendor and other criteria. In this way your entire boat's history can be digitized and protected from loss.

  • Q: Are parts lists included in Task Alerts? Is there a quick link with suppliers to assist in order processing?

    A: Yes. A parts list is included with every Task Alert where replacement parts are specified by the manufacturer. A "One Click Quote/Order" button is enabled on screen to transmit the parts list to your specified supplier without mistake or error. The entire process is now enabled in One Click and documented within the Ship's Log. All outstanding orders can easily be seen along with the Work Orders. The entire process is transparent and understandable.

  • Q: Can I track my maintenance costs and other expenses?

    A: There is a suite of document templates including a financial spreadsheet and reminder set-ups that you can use to record and schedule all ownership "events". Reminders can be set up for insurance payments, Coast Guard registration or membership renewals, and you will receive notification alerts through VesselVanguard's Notification Engine. Our goal is to simplify boat ownership not just for maintenance issues but for anything else pertaining to your boat.

  • Q: Can I change the maintenance intervals if I choose to?

    A: Yes. Hours-of-use or calendar intervals can be modified. VesselVanguard let's you know what the manufacturer recommends at designated intervals and for warranty retention, but you can modify those occurrences based on your experience and preferences.

  • Q: I understand that there is a great deal of work to set-up My VesselVanguard boat profile. After the first year is completed why would I need to continue with my annual membership?

    A: VesselVanguard is not just a dynamic software application, it is also a channel providing you with manufacturers’ updates, recall notices, and service bulletins and other critical information on a real-time basis. VesselVanguard is constantly "thinking" about your boat's needs and calculating maintenance requirements based on actual days and hours of use not just in year one, but every day of every year thereafter. Terminating subscription would suspend all active functionality.

  • Q: Will my marine insurance premiums go down?

    A: Yes, depending upon your insurer. Several well-known marine insurers have already agreed to reduce premiums 20%-25% for VesselVanguard subscribers (subject to their normal underwriting requirements).

  • Q: What happens if equipment is replaced?

    A: If equipment is replaced you "retire" the old system and select to "Add New Equipment" following the administrative prompts. Any boat owner can easily do this or simply contact our Help Desk and we will handle the details.

  • Q: How long does it take to perform a new boat Set-Up?

    A: The VesselVanguard Marine Data Library is in daily development. At this time it takes about 2-3 days after the boat owner provides the boat model and equipment list, for the full boat profile to be completed. Your membership date is adjusted to the date of completion.

  • Q: Is there a Help Desk to answer questions and assist in setting up customer preferences?

    A: Yes. The VesselVanguard Help Desk is staffed with knowledgeable personnel between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST.

  • Q: How often can I change my Preferences?

    A: By logging into My VesselVanguard you can change your preferences as often as you like. Contractor names and email addresses, expiration dates, membership organizations, equipment, owner-reminders, can be modified at any time by you.

  • Q: Will VesselVanguard track my maintenance schedule on appearance items such as teak, stainless steel, cleaning and other non-equipment functions?

    A: Yes. You can set up your own maintenance schedule and reminders for all routine functions or administrative requirements on the boat. For instance, replacing your zincs, varnishing brightwork, cleaning the hull, etc. Anything and everything that you want to track and manage can be set-up using your own preferences or generic schedules recommended by experts. All schedules created by you are programmed into the Notification Engine and processed and included in Task Alerts.

How to Start Using VesselVanguard

Subscribing and starting your membership with VesselVanguard is a simple, straightforward process. If you own a boat of any size and would like to use VesselVanguard to organize, track and help manage all of its maintenance and inspection needs, just follow the steps below. If you received a membership as part of the purchase of a new or used boat with one of our partners, your dealer or broker should provide the information you need to start using VesselVanguard — though you are always welcome to contact us for assistance.

  • Step One

    Go to vesselvanguard.com/signup and complete the brief form with information about you and your boat. Click the checkbox at bottom to agree to the standard terms and conditions, then click “Subscribe” to submit this information and your subscription payment.

  • Step Two

    Upon completion of Step 1 you will receive an email confirming your subscription. This email also contains your VesselVanguard membership number, and a link to the Boat Equipment Template on vesselvanguard.com.

  • Step Three

    Tell us about the major equipment on your boat by completing the Boat Equipment Template with the brand and model name or number for each system or piece of equipment. Alternately, you can also a) ask your boat dealer or broker to provide the information to us via email or fax, or b) fax or email us a copy of your boat invoice with the equipment listed.

  • Step Four

    Sit back and relax while VesselVanguard organizes your Boat Profile with a digital library of all equipment manuals, plus a master maintenance calendar that includes all required and recommended maintenance and inspection tasks for your boat and its equipment.

  • Step Five

    Upon completion of Step 4 you will receive an email with a link to your Boat Profile. Log in and be sure to set your notification preferences by clicking on “My Preferences” in the left-side menu. Here you can:


    • Set the frequency of your Task Alerts (weekly, biweekly, monthly)

    • Specify a mobile phone number to receive Task Alerts by SMS (coming soon)

    • Assign additional Task Alert recipients (e.g., the service rep at your boatyard)

    • Designate specific contractors to receive equipment-related Task Alerts
       (e.g., your local marine engine dealer for engine-related task alerts)


    For detailed instructions on how to set these preferences, and on how to use the many other features available to you via your Boat Profile, please visit our FAQ section.

  • Step Six

    Take advantage of all VesselVangaurd benefits including discounts, expert maintenance advice, concierge services, useful links and other services to make your time on the water more enjoyable.

Manage Your Account Information

You can update your account information—including your home and email addresses and other contact information, as well as your billing information—online through your main portal page. Simply log in (click here to go to the login page), then click on "My Account" in the left-hand menu in the main section of the page. Once on the My Account page you can click on the various tabs/links to change your primary account details, password, billing and other information. Forgot your password? Click here and we will email you a link to reset the password for your VesselVanguard online account.

Security and Privacy

To help you effectively manage the maintenance needs of your boat, VesselVanguard asks you to submit information relevant to this mission. We understand how important this information is to you and we are committed to keeping it strictly confidential. We'll never lose it, sell it, or let it be compromised. For more details, please read our Privacy Policy.


We take rigrous measures to keep your data safe and private. All records are backed up to co-located servers on a daily basis, with constant updates and regular upgrades to ensure peak performance. In addition, thanks to our work with the US Department of Defense, VesselVanguard provides a more robust and secure system built to DoD compliance standards (DIACAP accredited).


For online payments, all credit card transactions are processed using the same level of secure encryption that is used by the world’s leading banks. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-compliant network, the gold standard for financial security in e-commerce.


Want to know more? We are happy to address any other security concerns you might have. Just email us, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Updates from VesselVanguard

We constantly work to improve and enhance the capabilities of VesselVanguard. Some of these improvements happen regularly behind the scenes with little or no change to the visible functions of the system. Others may be more significant, including the launch of new features or updates to the user interface. When significant updates like these are made to our system, we will post notice here along with information or instructions to help you understand these improvements and how they work online. If you have any questions, please email us—we want to ensure your VesselVanguard experience is always positive, easy, and effective!

Feature Suggestions

We want to hear from you! VesselVanguard was born of one boat owner's experience, and informed and enhanced by the input of countless others. That evolution continues each and every day, fueled by the continuing input from boaters around the world and partners throughout the industry.


If you have an idea for a new feature, enhancement, or other insight you think we should hear, please let us know by completing the brief form below:


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