Getting Started

Subscribing and starting your membership with VesselVanguard is a simple, straightforward process. If you own a boat of any size and would like to use VesselVanguard to organize, track and help manage all of its maintenance and inspection needs, just follow the steps below. If you received a membership as part of the purchase of a new or used boat with one of our partners, your dealer or broker should provide the information you need to start using VesselVanguard — though you are always welcome to contact us for assistance.

Step One

Go to and complete the brief form with information about you and your boat. Click the checkbox at bottom to agree to the standard terms and conditions, then click “Subscribe” to submit this information and your subscription payment.

Step Two

Upon completion of Step 1 you will receive an email confirming your subscription. This email also contains your VesselVanguard membership number, and a link to the Boat Equipment Template on

Step Three

Tell us about the major equipment on your boat by completing the Boat Equipment Template with the brand and model name or number for each system or piece of equipment. Alternately, you can also a) ask your boat dealer or broker to provide the information to us via email or fax, or b) fax or email us a copy of your boat invoice with the equipment listed.

Step Four

Sit back and relax while VesselVanguard organizes your Boat Profile with a digital library of all equipment manuals, plus a master maintenance calendar that includes all required and recommended maintenance and inspection tasks for your boat and its equipment.

Step Five

Upon completion of Step 4 you will receive an email with a link to your Boat Profile. Log in and be sure to set your notification preferences by clicking on “My Preferences” in the left-side menu. Here you can:


• Set the frequency of your Task Alerts (weekly, biweekly, monthly)

• Specify a mobile phone number to receive Task Alerts by SMS (coming soon)

• Assign additional Task Alert recipients (e.g., the service rep at your boatyard)

• Designate specific contractors to receive equipment-related Task Alerts
   (e.g., your local marine engine dealer for engine-related task alerts)


For detailed instructions on how to set these preferences, and on how to use the many other features available to you via your Boat Profile, please visit our FAQ section.





The boat profile created by VesselVanguard will be based on the operating manuals and maintenance schedules recommended by your boat and equipment manufacturers.




The boat profile and Digital Ship's Log will include the boat owner's manual(s), equipment manuals, warranty documents, schematics, drawings, diagrams, and all other documentation ordinarily provided by the various manufacturers. (VesselVanguard assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by manufacturers.)




Initial maintenance intervals and preferences can be modified by each subscriber after the Boat Profile is created.




The regularity of Task Alerts, Notices and other communications, are based upon subscriber preferences that may be modified at any time after the Boat Profile is created.




Equipment can be added or deleted at any time after initial set-up takes place and your boat profile is activated.




Please read carefully Subscription Terms and Conditions.

Step Six

Take advantage of all VesselVangaurd benefits including discounts, expert maintenance advice, concierge services, useful links and other services to make your time on the water more enjoyable.

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