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Protecting Value, Providing Peace of Mind

Today’s sailing and motoryachts are more sophisticated than ever before. Even a mid-size powerboat can include a multitude of on-board systems, with a combined average of 150 annual service and inspection requirements. Before you lose sleep—or time out on the water—to added work or worry about your boat’s maintenance needs, consider the many clear and compelling benefits of a membership with VesselVanguard.

Extended Warranty Protection

A special benefit available exclusively to our members is the VesselVanguard Advantage Warranty. For owners of new boats under active warranty, the Advantage program will extend that coverage to a full 7 years, while older boat owners can secure comprehensive service protection for vessels up to 10 years old, incluidng the boat and its applicable components.


Owners can save up to 20, 30, even 40 percent off the cost of protecting their investment with the VesselVanguard Advantage program. That's because our underwriters appreciate the value of a well-maintained boat—and recognize the unique role of VesselVanguard in helping owners remain diligent about service and inspection requirements. For more information, visit the Warranty section of our website.

Smarter Operation of Your Boat and its Systems

With all its varied machinery, systems and equipment, there are few things more complex (and sometimes complicated) to own and operate than a yacht. VesselVanguard helps you cut through that complexity, supplementing the 30, 40 or more pounds of print manuals that come aboard new boats today with a full digital library of e-manuals for your vessel and all its equipment. Accessible online anywhere at any time—and downloadable to your laptop or mobile device—these e-manuals make it easy to read and learn what you need to know about operating your boat. And whether your out at sea or by your dock at home, the information you need is quickly at hand or can be found in a snap with a keyword search.

Less Downtime. Longer Lifetime
Lower Cost of Ownership. Better Boat Performance.

By providing the information and tools you need to accomplish all the various routine or preventative maintenance tasks, VesselVanguard help to prolong the life of your boat, save money in repairs and save time by getting you out on the water where you want to be sooner. Regular checkups for your boat will prolong its life and prevent breakdowns while you are out on the water and hopefully save money on big repairs in the future.

Higher Resale or Trade-In Value

Buyers give strong preference to a well-maintained boat, but they also know that looks can be deceiving. With its Digital Ship’s Log of maintenance and service history, your VesselVanguard membership gives tangible evidence of your care and diligence. It’s a key asset that provides valuable assurance to buyers—making your boat stand out in a crowded market, increasing its appeal and helping it to sell faster.

Save on Yacht Insurace

Our motto, "Always on Watch," reflects the level of diligence that marine insurers value in a boat owner. As a result, VesselVanguard subscribers may enjoy significant discounts of their boat insurance premiums. Some owners have saved as much as 20% per year—far more than the cost of a VesselVanguard subscription. Inquire with your marine insurance provider about a reduction to your premium, or click here for a partial list of insurers who typically offer such discounts.

Easier Mainteance Managament

Whether you like to do it yourself or leave it to the experts, keeping on top of your boat’s maintenance is a lot easier with VesselVanguard. We sort through hundreds of pages of manuals to extract, organize and schedule all the various service tasks throughout the year—saving you time and effort, and helping you make smarter decisions about how to keep your boat in good running condition in a cost-efficient manner.

Protect Your Warranty

It’s a fact of boat ownership that’s too often overlooked: many vessel and equipment warranties require you to perform specific maintenance and inspections according to their schedule—and if you don’t, the warranty can be voided. VesselVanguard includes these tasks in your maintenance calendar, highlights warranty service requirements in your Maintenance Dashboard, and sends you Task Alerts in advance of their due dates to help you met these requirements and preserve your valuable warranty coverage.

Greater Peace of Mind

You’ll always cruise confidently with a VesselVanguard subscription: confident about the status of your boat and its equipment, about the safety of you and your passengers, about doing your part as a responsible boat owner. And when it comes time for service, we keep you informed and empowered with tools and resources to make sure the right work gets done right.

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