“Why we buy boats is easy to understand. Boating is a lifestyle that adds meaning to our busy lives.”  –Don Hyde

VesselVanguard was born of one boat owner’s desire to improve his understanding and control over what needs to be done to keep a 52’ sailboat operating at the peak of performance and safety for all who come aboard.

Now in its seventh year, the application was conceived while sailing the Chesapeake Bay and brought to life by Donald Hyde, a sailor and technology entrepreneur. “The math was easy: with 51 independent systems requiring a total of 211 annual tasks, reading a hundred pounds of manuals to plan maintenance is not what I had in mind.” –  Don Hyde

“The first time I took family and friends on a day-cruise to St. Michaels, I came face to face with the reality that I didn’t know the [maintenance] status of all those systems that kept “Starfish” a comfortable and safe place to be. And, like anything else that you finally learn, it’s irresponsible to ignore. On the other hand, I also didn’t get into the boating lifestyle to juggle events on a calendar and fret over their completion. There had to be a better way. “

“I couldn’t overcome the inherent complexity of many required tasks and inspections all coming due at different times, but by applying smart technology, programming, and analysis,  we could simplify and automate the delivery of programmed task descriptions triggered by date and time.  The boat needed a central nervous system that could make sense of the chaos and that is the genesis of VesselVanguard.”

Now in its fourth technology version, VesselVanguard is employed on over 10,000 boats of all sizes and missions in 19 countries with more additions every day. Twenty minutes a month is all it takes to turn best guess into best practice.

Our Mission Statements:

  • Fill the knowledge gap so boaters can approach each on-water experience with confidence and control.
  • Provide information to reduce ownership costs while preserving asset value.
  • Provide manufacturers a platform to maintain an effective post-sale customer relationship
  • Give fleet managers an interface that informs them at-a-glance of the readiness status of their fleet.
  • Enable a boat ownership experience that conforms to the information-driven lifestyle of the existing and incoming market demographic

Our Core Values

Boating is a relief from life’s stresses. Our job is to subtract some and not add any.

Think like our customers Automate everything Choose to be Positive Always innovate Stay accountable