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Boat Ownership, Simplified

Your time on the water is precious. Don’t lose a minute of it to preventable repairs, unexpected maintenance and downtime—or lose sleep to added work and worry over your boat’s service needs. VesselVanguard makes it easy to understand and manage all of the many maintenance requirements, helping you cut operating costs, preserve value, gain greater peace of mind and increase your time on the water.

Lower cost of ownership

Higher resale value

Less downtime

Better boat performance

Easier operation of boat and systems

VesselVanguard Advantage Warranty

Yacht insurance savings

Greater peace of mind

Our Boatbuilder Partners

We’re extremely proud that so many top brands in our industry have opted to provide a VesselVanguard subscription to help owners easily manage the service and inspection needs of their new boats. These builders take extra steps to enhance the ownership experience for each new buyer, and appreciate how VesselVanguard plays a vital role in their customer care efforts:

All Your Manuals, Right At Your Fingertips

With all the sophisticated systems and technologies on board pleasurecraft today, it’s not unusual for owners to receive 30, 40 or more pounds of print manuals along with their boat. Reading through them all in your leisure time is an unmanageable expectation—and trying to find the information you need in an urgent situation can be close to impossible. Fortunately, VesselVanguard gives you an online library of your boat and equipment manuals, all in digital format. Read them on your iPad or tablet, smartphone or PC, or jump right to the section you need: most manuals are easily searchable with today’s generation of PDF readers.

Maintenance Dashboard

Get an at-a-glance look at the maintenance status of your boat—then click to schedule and assign upcoming service, defer tasks to a later date, get instructions and diagrams from manuals, find how-to advice or print a report.

Task Alerts

The average midsize boat can have 150 or more service and inspection tasks required each year to maintain warranty coverage and proper operation. We compile them all and alert you in advance of their due dates.

Service Records & Reports

We provide a secure, backup-protected site to upload and store service-related documents—work orders, receipts, photos, emails and more—all categorized and easy to access from anywhere. A great asset when it comes time to sell!

VesselVanguard In The News

VesselVanguard Launches Powerful New App for iPad

Getting Started is Easy

  • Step 1: Sign Up to Start

    Select the program that fits your boat and sign up using our online form. We’ll email you or your dealer an equipment list form to fill out and return. If you just bought your boat, your broker or dealer may be able to help with this or send the information to us for you.

  • Step 2: We Build Your Profile

    Sit back and relax! Based on this information, VesselVanguard will create your online Boat Profile—including a library of digital manuals for your boat and its equipment, plus a calendar of all required maintenance, inspection schedules, warranties and other information to manage your boat’s maintenance needs.

  • Step 3: Set Preferences and Go!

    Log in to your VesselVanguard account to use the many online tools. Easily add aftermarket equipment and we’ll update your profile with manuals and maintenance schedules. Set notification preferences, assign contractors to receive your tasks alerts, and enjoy our many other features and resources.

Our Members Say

Our best salespeople are the many indiciduals and families across the world who use VesselVanguard to improve their own boat ownership experience. Here’s what some of them have to say about our solution:

Anytime, Anywhere

Designed to meet the on-the-go needs and online routines of today’s active boater, our cloud-based service lets you view, manage and share information about your boat’s maintenance online when and where you need it. Receive service notices to you mobile phone, look up a boat manual on your tablet device, upload service records from your laptop—whether you’re at the office, in the coffee shop or at the helm of your boat, you can easily interface with your online boat profile from anywhere you can get online. You can even sync and download files to your device for access when you’re far from a wifi or mobile signal.

Warranty and Insurance Savings

Our motto, "Always on Watch," reflects the level of diligence that marine insurers and underwriters value in a boat owner. As a result, VesselVanguard subscribers have the opportunity to save significantly on the cost of protecting their investments. The VesselVangaurd Advantage Warranty, avalailable exclusively to our members, provides comprehensive coverage for boats up to ten years old—often at a savings of 20 to 40% compared to similar marine warranty programs.


In addition, VesselVanguard subscribers may enjoy significant discounts of their boat insurance premiums. Some owners have saved as much as 20% per year—far more than the cost of a VesselVanguard subscription. Please inquire with your marine insurance provider about a reduction to your insurance premium, or click here for a partial list of insurers who typically offer such discounts.

Delegate with Control and Confidence

Delegating individual service tasks—or even the complete maintenance of your boat— to others is a key feature of VesselVanguard. You can easily assign a preferred contractor to receive copies of specific task alerts; allow your favorite boatyard to oversee the maintenance and inspection of entire systems; or even give your trusted service agent complete access to view and manage all the various needs for you boat. Designated parties get access to only the systems you assign to them, with the ability to upload completed work orders and documents which then become part of the Digital Ship's Log.

New Platinum Edition

From the Experts:

"An owner who is kept informed of what needs attention on a boat will take care of it better. VesselVanguard works within the framework of how boat owners—and all busy, accomplished people in today's world—receive and process information effectively: through their personal electronic devices, specifically through e-mail task alerts. VesselVanguard doesn't maintain a boat—after all, only the owner can really do that. But this cloud-based system gets to the heart of the matter and helps to maintain the owner."

– Jason Wood, Editor-In-Chief, Power & Motoryacht

Get started and enjoy the benefits of a VesselVanguard membership

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Serving Boat Owners—And the U.S. Armed Forces


The same service that brings peace of mind to thousands of boat owners also powers the management of vessel maintenance
for the United States Coast Guard and Navy. VesselVanguard provisions boats of various sizes and missions for these two
military branches to support select vessels/fleets with a specially designed version of its service.


There are no more critical needs than those of our men and women in uniform while they are performing their duty.
We are very proud of our association with these Services and the opportunity to make a real contribution to reducing
maintenance costs while advancing fleet readiness.


VesselVanguard has been chosen by the United States Navy and Coast Guard for deployment across select fleets


VesselVanguard announced today a new mobile app that gives boat owners an easier way to understand and manage all of the various maintenance requirements for their vessel and its systems and equipment. The app provides a simple, streamlined gateway for VesselVanguard subscribers to access its many innovative features and capabilities, with an interface custom-tailored for ease-of-use on the iPad.


The app, which arrives in Apple's App Store on February 28, includes new features that will also be incorporated into the current VesselVanguard web application, accessible via PC or any device with a web browser.

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